Race Matters

To confront racism, we must look within, among, and beyond.

Our church-wide “Sacred Conversations” in 2014 indicated that racial justice is a top priority for Mayflower members. The Race Matters team focuses on the personal “within” work as it relates to issues of racial justice.

Our statement of purpose:

We will create spaces where we can understand the spiritual and personal costs of racial injustice. We will increase Mayflower’s engagement with multi-cultural/multi-racial experiences in preparation for becoming a more diverse church community and a more effective ally in our racial justice work.

To date, highlights include well-attended book discussions and visits to films and cultural events. We offered two great workshops: one about talking about race, religion and other polarizing topics in the workplace, and Confronting Racism: Minnesota Style with the YWCA.

Committee recommendations for how to be more engaged:




If you have something you would like to recommend, please email Lisa Cargill-Romsaas.

If you have passion for this ministry please feel free to join us the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm at Mayflower. Please reach out to Kate Andrews van Horne to get on our email list for updates or changes to times, dates or locations.